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Project 987.2


What is Project 987.2?

Project 987.2 is my quest to optimize the performance and aesthetics of my 2012 Porsche Cayman S through using only bolt-on parts. Intially, I just planned on a street car, but as I've gotten more and more involved in HPDE (High Performance Driver Education) the project has become more and more focused on performing well on-track while remaining a good street car.


A number of companies have been very supportive in this project and I greatly appreciate their partnership. A list of these partners appears later on this page. Please visit them if you're in need of cool stuff for your car!

Why these companies?

Unlike many (most?) YouTubers, I don't seek out free stuff and then include it in the project and call it fantastic. Instead, I look carefully at what products are available and decide which ones are the best fit.  Only then do I ask the company if they'd like to join the project as a partner. If they say no, that's fine, I'm going to use that product anyway because I've decided that it's best for my project. If they say yes, great! Most companies will provide parts at a 40-65% discount, although a few have provided stuff completely gratis. Regardless, I'm grateful for all my partners, large or small, no matter their level of support.

I should note that there are cases where I find multiple, equally good products. In that case, well, I'm going to go with the one that costs me the least out-of-pocket. I mean, I'm not stupid ...

Are I still looking for partners?

​I'd be lying if I said I believed I had thought of everything that could be done to make the Cayman into the best street stud and track terror it can be. If you have an interesting product that you think could be a great addition to this project, email me at and let me know!

My wonderful Project Partners​


Soul Performance Products

Exhaust systems and other high-performance components. Whenever I go to any kind of event, I get a ton of compliments on the way my Cayman sounds!

Flat Six Motorsports

A wide assortment of aftermarket parts available for late model Porsches. Jon is a wealth of information and incredibly helpful.

Cliff's Garage is a Gold-level Brand Ambassador for Their team is passionate about helping customers extract the highest level of performance from their vehicles on the track. Decades of on-track experience allows them to help you obtain confidence-inspiring tires for your HPDE and racing adventures at great prices. Interested in a set of Continental ExtremeContact Force tires? Save as much as 25% by using the special code CLIFFSGARAGE for a great Buy-3-Get-1-Free deal!

Corbeau Seats

Street & Racing seats, safety harnesses, and accessories. My stock Porsche seats were good, but my Corbeau seats are so very, very much better. And they look fantastic!

Roux Helmets

Fantastic, feature-laden SA-rated racing helmets, perfect for HPDE. Get all the features and quality of high-end brands at half the price!

IPD Plenums

High-flow intake plenums

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